Shelf Styling Essentials

Decorating your shelves may seem easy at first glance, but in reality, it is often very confusing because of so many options available. Today we wanted to show you some shelf styling essentials that will create a gorgeous display and give your shelves a very stylish look.

1 – Books

The most obvious thing to start! Group a few of them and place on different shelves: some laying flat and some standing up.

2 – Art and framed photos

They will add height and fill space. Remember about balance and choose the frames that will fit into the shelf. Also, keep in mind your color palette while choosing the frame.

3 – Vases and bowls

Play with different sizes and shapes: smaller ones can be placed on top of the books and big will work by themselves. Flowers or greenery put into vases will give a warm and cozy feeling to your room.

4 – Boxes

This is a perfect way to keep everything organized but chic and elegant at the same time. Put inside all the small items that you couldn’t find a proper place and enjoy a clean and minimal look.

5 – Trays

They are perfect at giving height and weight to your shelf. Use it to raise some objects up and as a backdrop for small items.

6 – Accessories

Complete the look with a final touch of accessories. They will help to add personality and make your shelves stand out. Choose the ones that tell a story and create a special atmosphere.

And don’t be afraid to experiment! Mix, move, change objects until you find your perfect combination! And if you are in search of the best match for your shelves, we will be happy to help you!