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How To Pick A Perfect Rug

When you need a new rug, there’s always a dilemma: Wool or Synthetic? The answer is extremely complicated: it depends.

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9 Ways To Make Your House Look More Expensive

Have you ever been to a house that looked luxurious and had that ‘designer touch’? The house is cozy but yet elegant and specific to its owners’ taste. Seems like a very difficult task!?

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5 Kitchen Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The kitchen is the most important room in each house. That’s why it’s vitally important to design it not just beautiful but functional. Here are 5 common mistakes in the kitchen design and ways to easily avoid them.

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Basic Interior Design Principles Everyone Should Know

Interior Design, as any other discipline has its own principles that need to be observed in order to make a space look amazing. Here are 5 basic rules of Interior Design that everyone needs to know in order to create a beautiful home.

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