9 Ways To Make Your House Look More Expensive

Have you ever been to a house that looked luxurious and had that ‘designer touch’? The house is cozy but yet elegant and specific to its owners’ taste. Seems like a very difficult task!?

To be honest, it is.


There are some tips and tricks you can use in order to make your house look expensive without spending a fortune on every single item!

1 – Stay with your Color Palette

This is an extremely easy way to create a bespoke style and make sure you have cohesive look. With this trick, every small accessory will look intentional and deliberate.

Mood board, luxury furniture

2 – Look at Your Curtains

Hang them high, that will create an illusion of higher ceilings, making your room appear more spacious. Also, get a rod that is wide enough so the curtains don’t cover up the window when they’re pulled back. And mind the length of the curtains, they need to reach the floor.

3 – Use Large Art

Large pieces of art immediately draw attention and add a high-end feeling to your room.

4 – Frame your Art

Adding a frame that compliments not only your artwork but your interiors, will create a bespoke room.

5 – Area Rugs

They will add patterns and colors to the interior and make the space feel warm and cozy. Check out our recent post to find out what rug – wool or synthetic – is an optimal choice for you.

6 – Create Vignettes

If you want your interior to look luxurious, gather all your decorative small items together, and organize them by style, color, texture, and size. After that, create vignettes with items you found in your home. We are working on a detailed post about decorating a coffee table, so check back soon!

7 – Trim & Base

Whether you like more of a classic style or a modern one, there are moldings for every taste. They add a sense of depth to your walls and create a custom look.

8 – Use your best Items as Focal Points

Using more expensive items and materials in a small area that is the focal point of the room will make the whole room seem more upscale.

9 – Add fresh flowers!

They will give a natural look and bring life to your room. Moreover, put into an elegant vase, they will absolutely class your space up making it feel more expensive.

These are some tips that I use in my projects as an Interior Designer.