6 Tips To Make Your Coffee Table Stand Out

Decorating your coffee table can seem complicated. But only at first sight! It’s important to make it beautiful and functional at the same time. What to put on it? And how to style it? How many accessories are enough or too much? Let’s sort it out!

1 – Start with a tray

It will help you to keep things organized. Also, it makes the cleaning process much easier.

2 – Use books

They look perfect as accessories and in addition to that can bring meaning to all composition. You can choose your favorite ones or change them due to different occasions.

3 – Book toppers

Continuing with books, it’s always a good idea to add a book topper to make it look more stylish.

4 – Plants

Add some flowers or preserved natural elements and the coffee table will look more fresh and personalized!

5 – Decorative boxes

They are perfect for storing some small things like TV remotes or chargers that need to be available at hand.

6 – Time for personalization!

Add some elements that will reflect your personality. Make your coffee table stand out with elements connected to your interests and hobbies or add some items with history. All in all, don’t limit your creativity!

And always remember about moderation. Don’t try to fill up all the surface of the table and leave enough space to put a cup on it.

Tell us what’s on your coffee table?