10 Reasons Why I need an Interior Designer

Outstanding interior design does not just happen by chance. It is tedious work that requires time, energy and design knowledge. You have two options: do it yourself with the trial and error method, or hire a licensed Interior Designer who will take on all the responsibilities and present a terrific final result. Well, if you’re still not convinced, here are our 10 reasons why do you need an interior designer:

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1 – Saving Money

It may sound counterintuitive, but hiring a designer can save money by avoiding costly mistakes and preventing you from buying items that don’t work in the area. Moreover, a professional Designer will increase the value of your home introducing smart and stylish solutions.

2 Saving Time

Qualified Interior Designer has a trained sense of what, when, and how items need to be completed. They have the relationships with the vendors and contracts to ensure the project is completed on-time.

3 – Meeting Health and Safety Standards

A Licensed Interior Designer pays special attention to ensure your safety and health standards are met. The construction process requires special expertise and understanding building codes, this will help to ensure things are done right, the first time.

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4 – Having a Qualified Liaison

Well-trained Designer knows how to communicate and collaborate with architects, contractors, and building owners. Strong communication between the Interior Design and the lighting, furnishing, and architecture specialists is absolutely key and is pivotal for time and cost management.

5 – Access to Qualified Vendors

Finding a qualified vendor is also very difficult. You can spend hours checking reviews, discussing with friends, and collecting information to finally find someone you are ready to rely on. When you start working with a designer, they already have a scope of reliable contractors who will definitely provide quality work for your project.

6 – Having Better Resources

If you have ever tried to find a perfect piece of furniture or accessories that fit the space, you should know how difficult it can be. A designer can not only take on the responsibilities of choosing the best option that will work within the interior but also can provide access to some exclusive items that are not available to the general public. This will definitely make the space look unique, and what cannot be done with off-the-shelf mass-produced furniture that everyone has in their home.

7 – Increase the Value of Your Home

Professional Interior Designers will utilize all their expertise to create an interior that captures attention, which will definitely lead to increased value. This is especially true when designing kitchens or bathrooms; these two rooms that are the most expensive to renovate, but also the most likely to add value to your home.

8 – Smart and Unique Ideas

One of the problems that almost everyone is faced with while designing the space by themselves is the lack of understanding of how to make things work together. An experienced Interior Designer will be able to provide unique solutions for your space combining the styles, textures and colors in a way you’ll never think about.

9 – Avoid the Headache

Construction projects are always a strength test. The process requires time and effort: from choosing the items and vendors, too checking and controlling how the work is being done on each stage. The interior designer will take these complicated responsibilities away from you so that you can focus on the final result — a beautiful home!

10 – Making Your Dream Come True

Every person has a picture of a home of their dreams, but translating this into reality can be quite a task without specific experience. Evaluating billions of options alone may become an unbearable event even for the most creative ones.

By hiring an experienced Interior Design team like Artistic Elements, you will get professional assistance with structuring your vision for your perfect home.

Let’s make the first step into the home of your dreams and discuss your ideas during a free consultation!